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INVOcell ® is a lower-cost, less invasive IVF treatment that utilizes a patented medical device that enables egg fertilization and early embryo development to take place in a woman’s body. Eggs are retrieved from a woman’s ovaries and placed in the INVOcell system with sperm. INVOcell is then placed in the woman’s body to allow fertilization and incubation to occur, making the patient an even greater part of the process. 

Because the INVOcell device was originally approved for a small number of eggs, often does not utilize ICSI and cannot be opened and re-sealed, it has become a method of offering IVF in a less expensive, less intrusive manner. In addition, some women like the idea of nurturing the eggs and embryos in their own bodies instead of the lab. 


The Best Candidates for INVOcell 

INVOcell is intended for patients who do not need intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) or genetic testing.  Appropriate candidates use less ovarian stimulation meds and undergo less monitoring. Women with high BMI are less ideal candidates because they often need more drugs and monitoring. 

Many women see INVOcell as an easier step between artificial insemination (IUI) and full IVF. The concept has also become popular with lesbian couples as it allows both women to participate in the creation of embryos. 


Studies show similar livebirth rates with INVOcell and IVF for patients that are less than 38, with a BMI  

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Our Approach 

We believe that fertility treatment should be affordable for everyone.  Many patients that do not have benefits still struggle to access fertility care and often give up the opportunity to have children because of cost.  INVOcell is an opportunity to provide affordable fertility care to patients. 


Patients interested in INVOcell should contact our office to schedule an in-person or telemedicine consultation.  We find that our INVOcell patients are often located outside of our immediate area and contact us because this is not available in their local vicinity.  We are able to work with both cases. 


The consultation will review your medical history and include an ultrasound, a saline sonogram and blood work. Your partner (if relevant) will have a semen analysis.  If not, we will discuss donor sperm options.  If you elect to have a telemedicine consult, we will order these tests at a local facility and assist you in completing them.  Finally, you will also have a financial consultation to discuss the financial expectations.  We will work with you to determine whether there are any options for decreasing your medication costs and whether you wish to obtain a medical loan.  Finally, if we have discussed any additional options such as ICSI, cryopreservation, PGS, ERA or ReceptivaDx, we will provide financial information regarding these. 


Once you have decided to proceed with INVOcell, you will schedule a cycle coordination appointment and choose a month to begin your treatment.  This appointment can be in person or by telemedicine.  Scheduling this appointment requires a non-refundable deposit.  At this appointment, you will review a treatment calendar, review consents and answer questions, review your medication order, and review your monitoring orders (if you are having your baseline and ultrasounds at an outside facility).  We also will confirm your local OB/Gyn who will follow your pregnancy. 


During the treatment cycle, you will take birth control pills and then daily stimulation injections.  You will communicate with your physician and clinical coordinator.  Once your follicles are mature, you will have your egg retrieval and the INVOcell device will be placed on the same day.  Then you will return five days later for embryo removal and an embryo transfer. Depending on your preference and decisions, any remaining embryos will be frozen.  You will receive instructions regarding your post transfer medications and also your pregnancy tests. 


Questions? Contact us for an initial consultation and see if INVOcell is the right treatment for you!  

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