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International Patients


best fertility doctor california international travel infertilityWhile located in San Francisco, Novato and Santa Rosa, Lane Fertility Institute has assisted couples from around the world in their
desire to have a baby.  Many people travel to us for our high success rates, patient-centered care, and the availability of a world-class city; the city of San Francisco.  You may find it a better investment of your time and financial resources to receive care through our fertility clinic.

We welcome all patients to our Institute, and coordinate care with each patient's individual needs in mind. Schedule a phone consultation today!

Lane Fertility Institute is easily accessible from the San Francisco International Airport or Oakland International Airport. There are various housing opportunities available within a short distance of our Institute, including hotels, motels, and apartments. We will be happy to provide a list of suggested resources.

Many patients also enjoy making short site-seeing trips around the Bay Area while they are visiting us for fertility treatment. In addition, there are fine restaurants, museums, and other cultural activities in San Francisco for your enjoyment.

We look forward to caring for you at one of our three Bay Area locations!


Services and Steps for Out-of-State or International Patients

We welcome all patients to our Institute, and we try to coordinate our patients' care with their individual needs. The following steps will assist patients from out-of-state and other countries who seek care in our Institute. (The steps are the same for in vitro fertilization and patients who may need egg donation).

  1. The initial consultation can be done by telephone. One of the physicians will review your medical history and determine how the Institute may be able to help you.
  2. Next you will need to travel to one of our offices for a comprehensive one day work-up. The following tests will be performed: saline sonogram, communicable disease blood tests, detailed semen analysis (semen testing), pelvic ultrasound of the uterus.  An IVF coordinator will assist you with an extensive educational session, including learning the use of injectable medications to be used during your IVF treatment or donor cycle. Some test results are available the same day, and your fertility specialist physician will review the results and a recommended treatment plan.

Couples really benefit from the one day work-up as it expedites the process by enabling the physicians to develop a treatment plan tailored to your specific issues and maximizing your chance of pregnancy, while allowing our patients to meet us and familiarize themselves with our facilities well in advance of an IVF procedure.

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