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At Lane Fertility Institute, our physicians are leading providers of fertility treatments. Our clinical team and embryology team work together to give each and every patient care and treatment uniquely tailored to their individual needs.  Lane Fertility Institute is committed to the success of our patients and to providing cost-conscious care. With their locations in San Francisco and Novato, California patients have choices on where they can be seen.

The Lane Fertility Institute Egg Bank is built on selectivity, and our discerning intended parents’ belief that quality is critical in addition to quantity. Exceptional evaluation processes, coupled with a reputation for premium service and knowledge, provides access to an egg donor program designed to exceed your expectations. In addition, we are committed to making our program accessible to all intended parents who desire to start a family using an donor eggs.  By providing egg donors as well as frozen eggs, we are able to assist many more clients with their wish to become parents.

Whether you are new to fertility or you are looking for more choices in your reproductive care, our team is excited to meet you.  Contact Lane Fertility Institute today to schedule an appointment.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you screen egg donors?

All egg donors are screened and tested according to FDA standards. Lane Fertility Institute and Lane Fertility Institute Egg Bank also follow recommended guidelines of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) when screening egg donors and performing egg donor treatment cycles.

Donors must be non-smokers between the ages of 21 and 32, of average height/weight, healthy, and free from substance abuse and communicable diseases. Educated donors are strongly preferred. Eligibility depends on absolute criteria within an intense genetic, medical, endocrine, and psychological evaluation. The psychological evaluation also includes testing the donor with the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI-2) or a similar test. Once donors pass this stage of the screening they are subject to additional screening, infectious disease testing mandated by FDA and further evaluation by our physicians before finally being able to be declared an ELIGIBLE donor. The screening is quite rigorous and time-consuming and only committed donors follow through to active status.

How can we be sure that the egg donor we choose will have good results?

Unfortunately, just as in life there are no guarantees in medicine. And while there is no way to 100% guarantee that the egg donor you choose will have a good outcome, we have lots of tools to ensure that you have made a good decision. We are selective about the number of antral follicles that our donor has prior to stimulation, in the case of our frozen eggs, almost every egg donor has been proven to successfully fertilize and develop embryos.  In most cases, at least the egg quality will have been evaluated by embryo biopsy. Only a small percentage of egg donor applicants actually make it through all the steps of our screening process and become eligible egg donors; therefore those who do qualify usually have great success in preliminary and subsequent cycles.

How much does a treatment cycle cost?

The fees for a donor egg treatment cycle depend on many variables such as number of eggs purchased, the decision to use embryo biopsy and the qualities of the egg donor. On average, a recipient cycle costs between $16,500 and $30,000 but the exact amount is determined on your individual treatment plan and donor egg selection. A financial counselor will meet with you by telephone to review your costs and insurance coverage before you start treatment. Your embryo transfer medications are not included in your price quote. These are typically under $1500.00.

Do I have to tell anyone that I used donor eggs?

It is a patient’s prerogative to share this information with others, including the resulting child(ren). We do recommend sharing this information with your OB/GYN as he/she will be continuing your care once you are discharged from our office. Current data supports disclosing data to the child(ren) at an appropriate time in the future. You may discuss with your psychologist at the required evaluation, the pros and cons of disclosure as well as tools to guide you later with your child(ren).


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We have over 20 years experience in fertility and we know the search for an egg donor can be overwhelming. We're here to help you find the right match.


When women have tried everything, and when everything else has failed, they come to us. And regardless of the difficulty of their infertility issues, we work with them.


Our team of specialists will match prospective parents with the right egg donor for them. Prospective parents can choose from among an extensive amount of Egg Donor profiles.


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