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Our Pregnancy & Live Birth Rates: A Stellar Year for Family

Lane Fertility Institute Success Rates “Excellent” in 2015Success Rates

From our entire team, we would like to send heartfelt congratulations to the Lane Fertility Institute patients of 2015! We faced fertility challenges together, overcame hardships, and walked with you on your path to motherhood. We recently received our final IVF success rates for last year, and the results show unparalleled success.

From conception to healthy pregnancy and finally live birth, we share this joy with all our patients who became new mothers in the past year. I would also like to thank the embryology and clinical teams for a job well done. Without your hard work, unwavering dedication, and thoughtful care, our amazing recent success would not have been possible.

According to Fertility Success Rates data, both our pregnancy rate and live birth rate significantly exceeded the national average as we continue to combine advanced techniques with the highest level of care. The results have been fantastic, helping our overjoyed patients conceive and create the family they’ve always wanted.

Average Fertility Success Rate (US)

Age 35-37

Age 38-40

Age 41-42

Number of cycles




Live Birth Rate




Lane Fertility Institute Live Birth Rate




These successful live birth rate numbers also place us among the top ranked IVF treatment and fertility care centers in California. While this is a distinguished honor, no statistic can measure the professional satisfaction we feel when our patients enjoy the satisfaction of successfully becoming pregnant and giving birth.

If you are looking for advanced fertility care or are curious about the medical breakthroughs that have increased the live birth success rate of IVF treatment, contact us today.  As medical technology improves, we discover new opportunities to practice high-quality fertility care at the forefront of our field. In 2015, these opportunities helped the patients of Lane Fertility Institute realize their dream of conception, of childbirth, of family.

An IVF Journey: Our Patient Shares Her Fertility Story

Providing cutting-edge fertility care in a world-class medical practice can be tireless work, but the happiness of our patients makes it immensely fulfilling and worthwhile. Every letter of gratitude, every positive patient testimonial, every IVF success story brings meaning to our mission. A thoughtful patient recently wrote a touching message of thanks for the team at Lane Fertility Institute, and her words moved us to share the story:

“Lane Fertility helped me to achieve a dream that felt so impossible at times... but the journey had a successful outcome! When it became clear that IVF was going to be my only option to conceive, I reached out to Dr. Lane and have received encouragement and support from her ever since. She takes extra time to answer my questions and address any concerns, and she is very knowledgeable and honest about outcomes. Most importantly... the results: Several embryos frozen after 3 IVF cycles (my age factored into my treatment response), and we have even done genetic testing to identify which embryos are likely to result in a healthy pregnancy! 

The Nurse Practitioners and staff at the San Francisco and Novato locations are great, and offer good flexibility for appointment times. My job is very time consuming, but Dr. Lane or her nurses always could find or create a time in their schedules that worked for me. There was even a time when FedEx screwed up the delivery of one of my IVF medications... very stressful for those of you who know how critical timing can be when using these medications. Dr. Lane took time out of her personal schedule on a weekend to help resolve the matter.

The payments needed to be arranged prior to consultation and services. I found the contracts to be clear, and the consent forms were comprehensive. And if I ever needed clarification regarding finances, Suzanne in the billing office was always available to answer questions or review invoices. 

I highly recommend Lane Fertility for any couple struggling with infertility or considering IVF. Looking forward to my frozen embryo transfer, and hopefully continued success!”

-Carla Stelling

We’re looking forward to helping you successfully conceive and writing a happy ending to your fertility story together.

Dr. Danielle Lane Danielle E Lane, MD, Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility Specialist

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