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5 Amazing Benefits of Freezing Your Eggs

Egg Freezing is Affordable, Beneficial, & Easier than ever

Let’s imagine an egg freezing scenario for millennials in the modern age. You have an awesome, satisfying job at 
Google, Facebook, Apple or some other forward-thinking tech company in Silicon Valley.  Weekdays are fast-paced and busy with commuting, attending meetings, and meeting deadlines.  Your morning starts with Soulcycle, ends with a quick meal, and weekends are filled with brunch and much needed off-the-grid activities. Is freezing eggs or fertility care the first thing on your mind? Probably not, but it very well could and should be.

Much like egg freezing, IVF pregnancy is largely misunderstood by the public. We have answers!

This is a common story in this day and age. There are literally thousands of women living this life without current plans for marriage or having children who could benefit immensely from freezing their eggs. Everyone has heard the idea that women should be thinking about their options and that fertility declines dramatically in a woman’s thirties. Did you know that the same Silicon Valley tech companies we mentioned earlier all offer women affordable egg freezing coverage, yet most women have never even heard about freezing their eggs? If they have, there is a pervasive sense that freezing your eggs is extremely expensive and just a little bit more than scary.  

Here’s the good news: egg freezing is a more advantageous, inexpensive, and simpler process than it has ever been. Freezing your eggs involves an easy consultation, some simple blood work, and 3-4 visits leading up to an egg retrieval appointment.  You will then be taught to give yourself simple injections for 10-12 days while your ovaries create lots of mature eggs.  At the end of this process, you will undergo an egg retrieval, which occurs under the care of an anesthesiologist and takes about 30 minutes.  This is followed by 24 hours of mild discomfort which can be treated with a mere ibuprofen in most cases.  One final follow-up appointment is made to review your egg count, and you are done.

Freezing your eggs might not be as scary as you once thought.

Five Great Reasons to Freeze Your Eggs

Why Egg Freezing?

  1. Because when you are eventually ready for children, you will have high-quality eggs available and likely avoid less successful fertility treatment due to age. 

  2. Because you are planning to spend your 30’s busy with advancing your education and career but will still want to have options at your disposal.
  3. Because after egg freezing, dating won't be about your biological clock ticking away. Instead, it will be about the enjoyment of getting to know the other person.
  4. Because your current health care benefits cover the cost (~$15,000) and you may not be at this great company forever (examples of companies with coverage: Google, Facebook, Apple)
  5. Because after freezing your eggs, you will stop being nagged about whether or not you’re thinking about having children!

Do you have your own story about egg freezing? Post them here!

Questions about freezing your eggs in the near future? Contact our friendly team anytime.

Dr. Danielle Lane Danielle E Lane, MD, Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility Specialist

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